Podia allows you to embed different types of media into your site and/or course lessons.

You can embed different elements such as video & audio players, presentations and PDFs using our rich-text editor. This will boost your Podia site and help customers interact with your content in unique ways!

Note: The following embedding options aren't what you'll use for emails. If you're looking to jazz up your broadcasts or campaigns, you'll want to look here instead!
Using the rich-text editor within an email 🤗

We use iFramely to turn simple links into beautiful and responsive embeddable elements! iFramely is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites

In this article, you'll learn how to embed different types of media into Podia to make your sites much more responsible and interesting! 🤩

In this article:

How to embed content

To embed a certain type of content, simply paste the unique URL of the item you want to embed into our rich-text editor and remove its hyperlink.

Make sure to remove any “hyperlinks” that might come with the link you just added, otherwise, it will show up as a link instead of an embedded element. Here’s how to “unlink” it:

The embed may not show right away, but save your changes (or Publish if you are in the Site Editor) and then view the page live. That is how you can tell if it's working ✅


Supported platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion

You can embed video players from YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion. To do it, simply copy and paste the video link into Podia’s text editor.

Here is what an embedded YouTube player will look like:

Audio & podcasting platforms

Supported platforms: Soundcloud, Spotify, Podbean, Deezer, Soundslice, DjPod

You can embed audio players from different platforms into Podia, which is great to share audio clips, guided meditations, and even your podcasts! 🎧

Upload your files to one of these platforms and grab the audio clip's unique URL.

Here’s what a Spotify embed looks like:

PDF Files & Presentations

Supported platforms: Speaker Deck, Slide Share, Presentio, Google Slides

PDF files and Presentations can be embedded on your Podia site or inside course lessons.

It will enable your customers to read these files directly on their web browsers, without the need to download them. You can simply upload your files into these platforms and paste the individual links into Podia’s text editor.

Here’s what an embedded PDF file will look like:

Social Media Platforms

Supported platforms: Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Behance, Instagram

You can also embed media from different social media platforms on your Podia website and course lessons.

This is a great strategy for engaging customers and even cross-promoting content you have hosted on other platforms!

Here’s what a TikTok embed looks like:


Supported platforms: Typeform, Paper Form, Google Forms

You can embed forms directly on your Podia pages by using one of our supported platforms!

Here's what a Typeform embed looks like:

Gamification & quizzes

Supported platforms: Genially

You can embed external platforms to create interactive quizzes and add gamification features to your Podia site and product content!

Here's what a Genially embed looks like:

Code snippets

Supported platforms: Github, Codepen

You can embed code snippets from a few different platforms. Simply paste the link from one of our supported platforms into Podia!

Here's what a CodePen embed looks like:


Can I embed content from all platforms on Podia?

At this time not all platforms are supported by iFramely.

You can read more about the supported platforms here and also test embeds using https://iframely.com/embed

How can I check if the platform is supported?

You can test embeds directly at https://iframely.com/embed. Note, if it returns a card embed, it likely won't embed here. 💜

What happens if the platform is not supported?

If the platform is not supported, don't worry! We will show a normal link instead that people will still be able to click and access.

Can I use HTML/embeddable code here?

No. This is not supported on Podia. Yet, we make it super simple to embed content simply by pasting the direct URL from other platforms ✨

And this is how you can embed different types of content to supercharge your Podia website! 🚀

If you have questions or need help, email us at hello@podia.com or click on the icon at the bottom right to chat. 😃

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