Looking to create a blog on your Podia site? We got you covered!

Depending on your plan, we have a few different ways you can use to add a blog to your site (with examples!) 😃

Using a Membership (Shaker plan required)

The quickest way to launch your blog would be by setting up a membership and creating public posts like Mark has on his site:


If you want to collect emails before anyone can view your blog, you could instead hide the posts within a free membership plan and ask visitors to subscribe to that plan first in order to access those!

Creating a Previewable Course

If you already have a paid membership or if you're on our Mover plan, you could create a free course where all of the lessons are previewable like Daniele has on his site here: https://store.swissinnovation.academy/blog

You can sort your posts by month or by topic by using sections within the course, and you can add images, GIFs, and files to your posts using our rich-text editor.

Utilizing Custom Pages

Another option for both plans would be to utilize custom pages to create a blog. This way would allow you to optimize for SEO best as you can edit the metadata for each page as well! 👍

On the custom landing page for your blog, you can add an image with text section with a cover image and description or preview of each post. For each of those sections, you'll be able to add a custom button that will link out to your individual blog posts. Those will all be built on their own custom page like Open Studio created here: https://www.openstudiojazz.com/blog

No matter which way you choose, you can add a link to your blog in your site Header or Footer so all of your customers and visitors can access it easily!

Any questions? Shoot us an email or click the chat button below, we're happy to help! 😊

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