If you have a list of customers you want to add to your existing online course or digital download, we can help with that.

Whether it’s a paid or free product, it’s not necessary for your customers to go through the signup process again. We're happy to import customer lists for our Movers or Shakers on Podia 😄 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email us at [email protected] with a list of your customer’s names and email addresses in a CSV. Make sure there is a header for Name and one for Email in your CSV. (Please note: we do have an upload limit of 2,000 subscribers at this time. This will apply to both the size of the individual list and the amount uploaded over time.)
  2. Let us know which online course(s) or digital product(s) you want to give them access to.
  3. We’ll email you a CSV file that contains unique registration links for each person to enroll with. To get access, all they’ll need to do is to enter a password.

You can then email each person individually with their unique link to enroll, or if your list is on the larger side, you can easily send all the emails in one batch with Zapier.

Sending Batch Enrollment Emails With Zapier

Zapier is a tool that connects different software tools together.

In this case, we're going to connect Google Sheets with Gmail (or whichever email provider you use).

To get started, you'll need:

  1. A Zapier account (the Free plan will work just fine for this)
  2. A blank Google Sheet
  3. The CSV file we've sent you with your student enrollment URL's

First, open up the CSV we sent you. Copy and paste the header (Row #1) into your blank Google Sheet.

Next, login to your Zapier account and connect your Zapier account with your Google Sheet.

Click on the orange "Make a Zap" button, and choose Google Sheets from the dropdown menu.

You'll be taken to the first Zap setup step.

For the trigger, select "New Spreadsheet Row" and click "Continue".

In the next step, you'll be prompted to connect to your Google account. Follow the steps to do so, and click "Continue."

You'll be asked to enter the names of the Spreadsheet and Worksheet you want to connect.

You can find these in your Google Sheet.

So the Zap that corresponds to the Sheet above would look like this:

At this point, Zapier will allow you to test this Zap to make sure it works so far.

To do this, you can enter your own name and email into your Google sheet (along with a dummy URL, like testurl.com), and click "Fetch and Continue". 

If Zapier shows you your test data, then everything is working so far 👍 

Next, we'll need to connect your email account. 

For the next step, choose Gmail (or whatever email service provider you use) as the second app to connect.

We'll choose "Send Email" as our desired action.

Next, Zapier will ask you to choose the email account you'd like to use. The process for this step is the same as connecting your Google Sheets account: just follow Zapier's instructions to get logged in to your email account.

Now it's time to create the email. 

While Zapier lets you customize many different fields in this step, there are only a few that we need to pay attention to:

  • "To"
  • "From Name"
  • "Subject"
  • "Body"

In the "To" field, click on the icon at the right of the form field to open the drop-down menu, and choose "Email".

For "From Name", choose something your students will recognize, like [Your Name] from [Your Course Name].

Next, write a "Subject" that will let your students know why they should open this email:

And finally, in the "Body" you can write a message for your students letting them know what they'll need to do. To insert their unique enrollment URL, click on the drop-down to the right of the form field and choose "password_reset_token":

Next, make sure you switch your Zap to "On"

You can test your Zap by entering another row of dummy data into your Google Sheet (use your real email address to ensure that you get the test email).

If the test email looks good, then you're ready to send!

Just copy and paste the rest of the spreadsheet rows from the CSV we sent you into your Google Sheet.

Zapier "runs" Zaps every five minutes or so, so within five minutes or so after the copy/paste, your emails should go out to your students.

You can check the "Sent" folder of your email inbox to ensure that the emails went out.

Note: Once your customers are imported, be sure to personally send them an email - we don't send out emails to your customers on your behalf.

If you are not using Zapier then be sure to send your customers the link to set up their password. You can do this by sending them a link to (your storefront url/forgot-password) - ie: https://store.podia.com/forgot-password

Any questions about bulk enrolling your students? Please let us know how we can help. To get in touch, email us ([email protected]) or just click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of the screen.

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