Memberships (Shaker plan required) are a great way to build recurring revenue, create engagement, and build deep and meaningful relationships with your customers.

Members pay for access to your Membership every month (or once per year for annual Memberships), so you’ll get recurring revenue rather than earning money one time for each sale.

In this article, we will go through how you can get started with creating your membership on Podia.

In this article:

1) Create your membership

First things first, let’s create your membership! In this step, you will give your membership program a name and activate this feature on your account.

First, head over to the “Memberships” tab, at the top menu.

Then, give your membership a name and click on “Create your Membership”.

2) Create membership plans

Next step: Create the membership plans of your membership program! 🎉

What are membership plans?

Membership plans are different levels/tiers of the same membership program. Each plan would give its members access to different types of content and products.

You can build unlimited plans on Podia and, each plan can have a different pricing tier depending on how much content each plan would have. The more VIP a certain plan is, the more you can charge for it! 💰

To create your first membership plan, go to “Plans” and click on “Create a plan”.

Go ahead and give your first membership plan a name, as well as set up its settings.

In this window, you will be able to configure:

- Membership plan name

- Membership plan pricing options (monthly and/or annual)

- Membership plan trial period

- Products accessible via this membership plan

Note: You will not be able to change the price of a plan after publishing it.

Once you’re done configuring your plan, just hit "Publish plan..." and confirm.

3) Create membership posts

The next step in setting up your membership program would be writing a post for your audience!

Publishing posts to your Membership site lets you stay in touch with your members and deliver value for their subscription.

In order to publish your membership site, you will need to write and publish at least one post.

To add a new post, go to “Posts” and click on “Create a post”.

Give your post a title, and write what you’d like. You can add images and GIFs to your post by dragging them into the editor. You can also upload a video by dragging it into the area labeled "Video".

You do also get to decide which plans will have access to the post and if you’d like your members to receive an email notification when you publish it:

When you’re finished, click on “Publish Post” to publish it immediately or “Schedule…” to publish it in the future.

4) Edit your membership sales page

After you’re done creating your membership plans and posts, it’s time to edit your membership’s sales page!

This is the page people will access in order to subscribe to your membership! In order to edit this page, simply click on “Editor”.

It will open up our amazing Podia Editor, which allows you to make modifications to your membership sales page, add new sections, talk about your plans, benefits & more!

Make sure to create a beautiful sales page and list all the benefits people would get from becoming a member!

After you’re done, click on “Publish Site”.

5) Publish & Share!

That’s it! Your membership is ready to be published!

In order to finally publish your membership, head back to the membership tab and click on “Publish!”.

After your membership is published you can start sharing it with your audience and people will be able to subscribe to your plans as well!

Head over to the “Promote” tab to find all the links you need to spread the word about your membership!

And that’s it! Your membership program is now live and we can’t wait for your first subscribers to come in! 🤑

If you’re serious about building a membership website and would like some advanced tips, read our Complete Guide to Building an Amazing Membership.

Any questions at all, please send us an email at [email protected] or click the purple icon below to chat. 😃

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