If you use Podia to send emails (broadcast, email campaigns, etc), you'll want to consider setting up your custom domain.

Email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and many other mail services require you to verify your custom domain before allowing services like Podia to send emails on your behalf. 

While the verification protects you from random strangers sending emails from your account, it also means there's an extra step involved if you want to use Podia to send emails from your custom domain. 

What does this mean for you?
If you don't have a custom domain, anytime you send an email from your Podia account it looks like this (using Janelle as an example in Gmail):

If a recipient opens the mail and clicks the little toggle

they'll see the "from" address is [email protected]:

If someone replies to your email, it will still go to whichever email is linked to your Podia account, but that email address won't be displayed in the original message.

However, if you have a custom domain set up, the send address would appear like this:

"Spencer Fry <[email protected]>"

Why do I want to send email with my custom domain?
While there are many reasons why a custom domain is preferable over a "[email protected]" domain, here are the most common:

  • More recognizable: your customers recognize your email/domain and know they can trust it

  • Looks more professional: if you have a name or email you're known by, sending messages from it reinforces your branding 

  • Less likely to look like SPAM: if your email is already listed in a customer's database, using an unknown email could trigger SPAM filters

Ready to send emails from your custom domain name?
We can do this for you very easily, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact us ([email protected]) with the email address you want to send from. This should be the same as your current Podia email address (if not, you can change your Podia email address).

Step 2: We’ll configure everything internally and get back to you with a DNS TXT record that you need to configure to prove you own the domain. What we'll send you looks like this:

Step 3: Once we provide you with both the Host and the TXT Value, you'll need to add the record to wherever you have your name servers (i.e. - Hover, GoDaddy, Register.com, etc.). 

Just FYI, a name server isn't necessarily where you bought your domain name, but for this example, let's say I bought my domain through GoDaddy and have my nameservers set up there as well.

Here's an example of adding the DNS TXT record to GoDaddy (their help guide is here): 

First, add record (example below):

Second, add zone record (example below):

Step 4: Let us know when the DNS record been added and we'll verify the domain and activate it internally. 

Once ready, any broadcasts or email campaigns will now appear to come from your confirmed email address.

All in all, the process should take 24-48 hours.

Feeling completely stuck?

No problem! To get help, email us ([email protected]) or just click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of the screen.

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