Customers will purchase products from you by visiting your products' sales pages and clicking on the existing buy buttons on these pages.

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To share a product, first go to your Products page, then click the "..." icon to the right of the product name.

From the dropdown, select "Share [product type]...":

This will bring up a window like this:

The options here will vary depending on whether the product is published or not (For example, you won't have social media sharing options or the "checkout link" link if the product is still in Draft mode).

Share product options:

Page link - This is your product landing page/sales page. You can copy this link and share it with customers so they can purchase your product.

Checkout link - Sends people directly to the checkout for that particular product.

Share on social media - Option that will share your link directly on social media.

Go on, share your product—you should be proud! We're on your side, too, so let us know if we can help with anything by clicking the chat icon below! 👏🏼

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