Adding content to the products you create on Podia is super easy and it should take just a few minutes!

You can also watch a video overview if you prefer:

Step 1: Choose your product and click on "Edit"

Access the product you’d like to add content to by clicking on Products in the top bar of your navigation and then select "Edit".

Step 2: Choose the type of content you want to add

Use the available buttons at the top to add different types of content to your products.

📝 Here are the types of content you can add to your products:

Files - Video, audio, PDFs, text files, etc.

Link - Link to any external website (Note: you can even embed YouTube, Vimeo, etc. using links).

Text - Write directly into our rich text editor.

Quiz - Add quizzes to test your students' knowledge.

Coaching session - it lets people book sessions with you directly from your online course.

Section - Add sections to keep your content organized.

Note: Digital downloads ONLY support Files and Sections.

Step 3: Keep adding content!

Repeat this process as much as you find necessary and until you have added all the content to your products.

Keep in mind that you can keep updating your online courses/digital downloads even after they are published. Current and new customers will have access to any changes you make live!

If you have any other questions about course content, send us an email at [email protected] or chat with us by clicking the purple icon below to chat! ✍️

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