Creating columns is a great way to list images, information, and options side by side on your site. That's what the Grid section is for!

Here's how to add and customize a Grid section on your site pages!

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Adding a grid section

Step 1: Access the Site editor by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and choose “Edit Site”.

Step 2: Click the + symbol to add a section and choose Grid from the left sidebar:

Step 3: From the sidebar on the left, you’ll be able to add and customize the columns for your grid.

We'll add placeholder text but you have total control over that! You can update your heading, add a photo and text, and customize the individual items of the grid as well:

In order to add new column items click on "+ New item". To edit individual ones, just click on the individual items to open up their own individual editing options! You can add images, titles, descriptions, and buttons under each item.

Customizing your grid section

If you click on the Design tab you’ll also be able to modify the layout, justification, colors, and add a background image to your grid section!

Once you’re done, be sure to click "Publish" in the upper right-hand corner to make your columns live on your site! Here are some examples of how those will look:

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