To make it easier for your customers to navigate your store, you can create categories to sort your products on your homepage and custom pages!

To create a category, head over to the Products tab, select the product you’d like to categorize, click on “Edit” and head over to its “Settings” menu:

Be sure to type exactly what you want to show your category name! That will show as the title heading for the category on your site.

Once you’ve added one or more categories to a product, you can add the Categories section to your homepage or to any of your sites pages (found in the Site editor):

Once you’ve added the Category section, it’ll appear on your pages like this:

We’ve included two design options for you:

  • Overview (above): This option neatly displays all of your categories, which customers can click on to open a category page and see the products in that category.
  • List: This option displays all of your products on your Storefront, organized by category.

Here are a couple examples of sites making great use of categories to sort their catalog of products:

Open Studio

Signature Edits

Hiding a category

Need to hide a category? No problem!

You can do this in a few short clicks!

First, hop on over to your Editor. Once you're there, click your Categories section on any of your pages.

From the left sidebar, click the slider to the left of the category you want hidden to disable it:

Just make sure you click the Publish button in the upper right of the site editor to save any changes!

Presto! The category has disappeared 🎩 ✨

Any other questions? Click the purple chat icon at the bottom right, or email the friendly support team at [email protected]

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