To make it easier for your customers to navigate your store, you can create categories to sort your products on your homepage and custom pages!

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Categories are a great way to tag specific products and organize them by topics, for example.

You can tag specific products you want displaying under the same category with the same tag.

Once you create a new category, we will automatically create a page for it as well, which is where these products will be displayed!

Here are a couple examples of sites making great use of categories to sort their catalog of products:

Open Studio

Signature Edits

Creating, editing and deleting categories

You can create, edit and delete categories on your Podia site.

Step 1: To get started, click on Products in the top bar of your navigation, then click on the "Edit" button on the far right of a specific product.

Step 2: Click on the Details tab of your product and navigate to the Categories area:

Adding a new category

To add a new category, click the + New category button, give it a name and hit Create to save it!

Editing a category

Once a category has been created, just click the Pencil icon to have it edited. You’ll be able to change its name!

Deleting a category

You can also delete a category by clicking directly on the trash icon.

Deleting a category will have a few implications. Your category page will also be removed along with any of its category sections on other pages. If you have added a link to it in your Header, you will need to delete that manually.

You cannot recover this category so if you simply wanted to rename it, please use the pencil icon.

Displaying categories on your site pages

Once you’ve added one or more categories to a product, you can add the Categories section to your homepage or to any of your site pages (found in the Site editor):

Once you’ve added the Category page section, it’ll appear on your pages like this:

You can find more information on how to display categories on your site pages here.

Here are a couple of examples of sites making great use of categories to sort their catalog of products:

Open Studio

Signature Edits

Editing category pages

Whenever you create a new category, a new “category page” will be created automatically. This page will display all of the products marked with that particular category!

Here’s an example:

Here’s how to edit your category pages:

Step 1: Access the Site editor and click on the page navigation menu, in the left upper corner.

A list with all of your pages will appear, listed by Custom pages, Product pages and Category pages:

Step 2: Using the sidebar, scroll down until you see all of your category pages displayed. Click on the page you’d like to edit and make all the necessary changes!

Hiding a category

Need to hide a category? No problem!

You can do this in a few short clicks!

First, hop on over to your Editor. Once you're there, click your Categories section on any of your pages.

From the left sidebar, click the slider to the left of the category you want hidden to disable it:

Just make sure you click the Publish button in the upper right of the site editor to save any changes!

Presto! The category has disappeared 🎩 ✨

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