Adding text sections to your pages are a great way of adding important information about your website, business, and services!

Here’s how you can add text sections to your pages:

Step 1: Access the Site editor by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and choose “Edit Site”.

Step 2: Click the “+” symbol to add a section and choose Text from the left sidebar:

Step 3: Using the left sidebar, customize the text from the section you just added by writing in the Heading and Text fields.

You can also add a button to your text section, by using the Button text and Button link fields!

If you use the Design tab you'll also be able to change the text alignment for that particular section, change its colors and add a background image!

Any other questions about making the most of your site? Check out our comprehensive Site editor help docs here.

You can also click the chat icon at the bottom right, or reach out to the fine support folks at [email protected] 😄

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