Editing your page details and metadata has never been easier! You can follow this process to change your pages' title, URL, metadata & more!

You can also use this same process to edit your Product URLs.

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Step 1

Access the Site editor and click on the page navigation menu, in the left upper corner.

Step 2

Navigate and click on the “Page settings” icon next to the page you want to have its details edited:

Step 3

Edit the page details from the available options:


Use the title field to edit the title of your page. You will view this name in the page selector dropdown. This name will also be used as the page title by search engines.


When creating a new page, you will see a unique alpha-numeric URL being used. Change this field to make your page URL easier to get accessed by customers & visitors.

Make sure this URL is unique and not being used by other products, memberships or other pages on your site. The page URL can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes.

📃 If you edit your page URL after linking to it, make sure you update the page URL. Although, the old page URLs will redirect to your new updated page, the redirects will break when another page, product or membership acquires the old page URL.

Search description

You can use the meta description optional field in the editor to add a short page description that will be used by search engines when listing your pages.

📄 Search engines, like Google, allow up to 158 characters and truncate the description if it exceeds that maximum character count. These also vary by search engine and device type. Podia will allow up to 320 characters in the editor. However, be mindful of using long descriptions as these may get truncated depending on search engines and social networks.

Preview image

You can optionally add a meta image which will be displayed on social media and each time someone shares the link to your page.

Image size: Minimum 1200 x 630px

Search engine visibility

You can use the toggle to make your page visible or not to search engines.If a page is visible to search engines, Google and other platforms will crawl its information and display them publicly.

If a page is not visible to search engines, it won’t show up whenever someone searched for it on platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Step 4

Publish your page to save the changes you just made! ✨

Any other questions about making the most of your pages? Check out our comprehensive Site editor help docs here.

You can also click the chat icon at the bottom right, or reach out to the fine support folks at hello@podia.com 😄

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