Adding a background image to your page sections is a great way to add an extra layer of customization and align your site with your brand! 🎨

Adding a background image

Step 1: Access the Site editor by clicking on your Site Name in the upper right corner of your dashboard and choose “Edit site”.

Step 2: Click on the section you'd like to add the background image to or click on the Pen icon to edit it:

Step 3: Head over to the "Design" tab and upload the image under "Background Image"

Here’s what it looks like for a text section in the site editor:

💡 A note on background image sizes: Background images are optimized no matter their dimensions— we’ll resize images to 1920 x 1080, but honor the original aspect ratio. Images must be 5MB or less.

Background options

After you upload your background image, you'll get to modify your Background options:

Blending: It determines how your background image will blend with the section background. You can play with the options or leave use the default option.

Opacity: Determines how transparent your image will be in relation to your background.

Blur: Increase/decrease the amount of blur on your image.

Grayscale: Determine the amount of gray we should apply to your image.

Contrast: Increase/decrease your image contrast.

Any other questions about making the most of your pages? Check out our comprehensive site editor help docs here.

You can also click the chat icon at the bottom right, or reach out to the fine support folks at 😄

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