Need to create a new email list to add subscribers to? Look no further! 🛑 👀

You can do this easily by creating a hidden pre-launch product, naming it whatever you like, and then filling out the link below to send us those emails that need to be on this list!

Hold on...I am trying to make an email list, why am I making a product?

A great question! Emails are segmented on Podia by your Products, Membership/Membership Plans, and Newsletter Capture. Therefore, a pre-launch product can act like an email list! ✉️

Why can't I just make it a Published product?

A published product isn't advised for this because when you enroll customers into a product, they see they have access to it on their dashboard. And since you are just using this as an email list, it may be confusing for them! A pre-launch product acts very similar to your newsletter capture. 👯‍♀️

Won't people see this 'fake' product on my site?

They would! So we suggest hiding it as well. 🤗

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