Podia makes the customer buying process simple and straightforward! 💰

Basically, all you need to do is share your product sales page with your customers so they can easily buy whatever you're offering!

Here's what it would look like to your customers!

Step 1: Customer visits your product sales page

In order for a customer to buy a product from you, they need to visit your product sales page.

Once in there, all they need to do is click on the “Buy for $xx” or Get Access for Free button to open up checkout:

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Step 2: Customer enters their information

Here's the information customers will need to enter during checkout:

  1. Create an account (or login if they already have an account)

  2. Confirm their purchase/enter a discount code

  3. Enter billing information/address (if the option is enabled)

  4. Proceed with payment

If you have an upsell, this is where it would show up as well!

Step 3: Customer accesses the product!

That’s it! Once they're done with the payment, customers will be able to access their product right after buying it.

All they need to do is click on “Start course”/“View webinar/bundle/download”. They should also receive an email confirming the purchase! ✉️ 💰

And that’s all they need to do!

Any other questions about understanding your customers’ buying journey? You can click on the chat icon at the bottom right or reach out to the fine support folks at hello@podia.com 😄

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