We have a friendly team of creator support agents standing by to help you, seven days a week.

There are three ways you can reach our team:

  • Via email at hello@podia.com

  • Via chat, using the chat widget at the bottom right of any page on the Podia site or inside Podia

One question we sometimes get from creators is “why doesn’t Podia offer phone support?”.

Amazing customer support is the #1 reason our creators cite for choosing Podia, and we never want to compromise the quality of support that we offer.

There are a few key reasons why we keep our support online:

  1. When you send us a message, our support team can see your website and account details, which means faster and more personalized support from the start.

  2. Podia is an internet application, and answering questions often requires our team and our creators sharing screenshots, videos, and links with one another. This wouldn’t be possible via phone.

  3. Your support interactions get saved for future reference. If you write in later about something you’ve already discussed with us, our team can pull up the details right away, which means more informed agents and faster resolutions.

  4. We work hard to keep Podia the most affordable all-in-one platform for creators. Balancing this commitment with our uncompromising principle of being creator-friendly means investing our limited resources in what we do best. Online support doesn’t just mean faster, better support; it also means a more affordable platform for you.

We love hearing from our creators, and our team is excited to give you a hand. Send us a message today. We’d love to help!

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