We’ve just made it easier to find stunning photos for your site and sales pages! 🖼️

Podia's integration with Unsplash (the biggest library of freely-usable images on the internet) now allows you to search for stunning photos without leaving the platform!

Anywhere you can upload a photo in Podia, you’ll now see the option to search Unsplash for an image: It could be an image section, a background image field, or even your avatar picture.

Click on "search images" to open up our Unsplash integration:

Search for a term that will help you find the image you want and simply click on it to have it added! ✨

And that's it! You don't have to worry about leaving Podia to find stunning images for your site anymore!

Any questions at all, please send us an email at hello@podia.com or click the purple icon below to chat. 😃

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