In this help article, you’ll learn how to configure your domain using Naked SSL so that you can make both the non-www and the www versions of your site available for your users.

NakedSSL is free for a single domain and they'll provide an A record/ IP address that you can add for the redirect that will work for your Podia site!

Step 1

Visit, enter your domain name and click Run test. Once they verify it, click Let’s go.

Step 2

Proceed with creating an account with them. It is free for one account!

Confirm your email address and move to Step 3.

Step 3

Access your account and click Add Domain.

Step 4

Enter your domain in the next page. Make sure you use the non-www link on the first field and the www version on the second field.

Step 5

Choose the region for your website:

Step 6

Don’t worry about fine tuning! Just move on to the next page!

Step 7

NakedSSL will generate an A record you now need to add to your domain provider/registrar, just like you added a CNAME record for Podia!

Adding an A record will depend on the domain registrar you are using. You can find the instructions for the most common domain registrars below, but give support a shout if you’re using any companies not listed below and we'll be happy to help!






Google Domains


Step 8

Once you’re done adding the A record, go back to NakedSSL and click DNS updated!

And that’s it! If you added the records correctly you just need to wait a few minutes and things should start working soon!

If you need help don’t hesitate to reach out to support! 💻

Please reach out with a screenshot of the generated records from NakedSSL and the A records you added to your domain registrar so we could verify these for you!

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