Editing your product availability gives you control over your product status, access, visibility & more!

You get to control & change when a specific course is closed for enrollment, when to make it public or hide it, etc.

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How to edit your product availability settings

Step 1: Click on Products in the top bar of your navigation, then click on the "Edit" button on the far right of the product.

Step 2: Once inside the product, click on the Availability tab:

Step 3: You should see a screen with a lot of different options regarding availability settings for your Product.

Simply click on Edit next to the option you'd like to adjust:

Product Status

It lets you choose between three product statuses depending on your needs.

Published - Product is available for purchase and you'll be able to charge money for it

Pre-launch - Product is in pre-launch mode and you will be able to capture email addresses for a future launch. You WON'T be able to sell a product in pre-launch mode.

Draft- Product is not visible nor available for purchase.

Product Access

Options that let you decide if people can purchase a product or not. Closing access will not impact existing customers.

Open - Product is available for purchase on your site.

Closed - Product is visible but not available for purchase. This won't impact existing customers.

Product visibility

Choose whether you want your product to appear on your site and audience dashboard.

Visible - Visible on your site and audience dashboard.

Hidden - Hidden products won't show up on product lists or in the "More From" section on your audience dashboard. Enrolled customers will still be able to view hidden products and access them.

Hidden products can still be accessed through their product URL directly.

Start date

Set a start date if you would like customers to gain access at a specific date. This can also be added to handle different co-horts.

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