Inviting affiliates (who are not already customers) via email is super easy, but sometimes you'd rather share a single link with a group of potential affiliates instead!

While your affiliate link works for existing customers, it will simply lead to your site's login page for those who are not enrolled in any of your products. This is where this workaround comes into play!

We'll create a product for your potential affiliates to enroll in that links them to the affiliate page once they're enrolled!

Step 1: Create Your "How to Become an Affiliate" Product

First, you'll navigate to your Products page and click the + New Product button. You'll enter the desired name for your potential affiliate product, and click Create Product.

Step 2: Add the Link to Your Affiliate Page in the Course Contents

Add a single lesson that describes how to navigate to the affiliate section of their account.

Pro-Tip: You can also include additional sections that detail how to best promote your products!

Step 3 (Optional): Design Your Affiliate Product's Sales Page

Following the steps found in this article you can design your sales page as a way of promoting your affiliate program. You can include things like commission rates, policies, payment schedule, etc.

Step 4: Share the Link to Your Product's Page with Your Potential Affiliates

Once you've published your product, you can grab the link to share the enrollment page! Once they sign up, they will access the lesson you created above and follow the link to register as an affiliate.

Here are some examples of sites that did this:

And that's that! Now your affiliates are technically "customers" and can sign up for your affiliate program without needing to be individually invited via email. 🎉

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