Are your customers having trouble logging into your site to access their dashboard and purchased products?

Learn how to troubleshoot your customers’ login problems in this article!

In this article:

Step 1: Make sure they’re using the correct URL

Most of the time, customers will try to login on Podia’s marketing site ( instead of using your own site.

The first step here is to check if they are using your site to login. Share your site URL with your customers and ask them to login using that address.

Note: We do have a dedicated login page for each site you can send your customers to. Simply add /login at the end of your site’s URL.


Site URL:

Login page:

Step 2: Check their credentials

Sometimes customers will use a different email than the one they originally used or even mistype it when creating their accounts.

You can double-check this setting by navigating to your Audience tab and searching for a particular customer. You can either search by their name or email to check if they have created an account using the right credentials:

If you need to fix any details, just access the customer profile and click Edit customer on the following page:

Step 3: Reset password

Have your customers attempted to reset their password? Resetting a customer password should be fairly easy!

Option 1: they can do it directly on the login page:

Option 2: You can set up a new password for them from your own dashboard. All you need to do is access your customer’s profile and click Edit customer.

On the next page, enter a new password and hit Save! Now, share it with your customer!

And that’s it! ✨

After following these simple steps your customers should be able to login!

Have any other questions? Reach out to the fine support folks at or click the purple icon below to chat!

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