Communities are finally here! As of Sep 28th, the memberships section of Podia will change to become Community.

In your new Community, every post will have an assigned topic. But don't worry! We built you a migration tool to make the process super easy! ✨

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Assigning a topic to your membership posts

Step 1

If you still have posts to migrate, access our migration tool.

Step 2

The migration tool allows you to add new topics as well as assign topics to your existing posts!

Let's start by adding new topics to your community! This will help people filter your posts inside your community!

To add a new topic, simply click on "+ New topic".

On the following page give your topic a name, description, and image!

You'll also get to select the access who can view and follow this topic, under the Access area:

Once you're done, hit Create topic at the bottom! Your topic has been added to your future community area!

Step 3

Once you're done creating all of the topics you want, it's time to start assigning your posts to specific topics!

Scroll down the page until you see all of your posts listed:

In order to assign a topic to a specific post simply click on Choose topic and select the topic you'd like!

Note: make sure you do this before September 28th or posts without a topic won't be visible on Community launch day! ⚠️

And that's all you need to do! Now your posts have an assigned topic and should start appearing on your community. 🎉


What happens if I don't migrate?

If you do not complete the migration process, the posts with unassigned topics will not appear in your community. We encourage you to migrate this before the launch of our Community feature so your members have a seamless transition.

How do I decide which topics I want to create?

Every Community comes with an open and default topic called General that is accessible to anyone in your community and automatically followed by everyone. You can choose the name and setting on this default topic and add more topics, if you would like.

When creating new topics, consider these 3 criteria:

- What categories would you like to have your current post under?

- What access would you like to give members or plans to a topic?

- What discussions would you like to facilitate in your community?

With our new community feature, access is controlled at the topic level as opposed to at the post level and posts can only be assigned to a single topic.

Make sure you have topics that allow for access to a set of posts through the plans that were assigned to them. Our new migration tool should allow you to compare existing plan and new plan access on each post as you migrate them.

What if a post fits into more than one topic?

We encourage you to find an over-arching topic that would cover multiple topics for a post. For example, try using a topic with the name "Animals" as opposed to two separate ones like "Cats" and "Dogs".

Can I change the topic of a post once it's been assigned?

During the migration process, you are free to change the topic of a post directly from the migration tool.

However, the migration tool will only be available until the launch of the Community feature (end of September), at which point you will no longer be able to assign or change the topic of a post.

What happens when I add or delete a topic?

When a new topic is added, everyone who has access should be able to view and follow the topic for notifications. If the topic is set to "default", all members that have access, including teammates, are automatically set to follow the topic.

We encourage you to post in your newly created topic to introduce your members to your new topic.

If a topic is deleted, all posts in that topic will be permanently removed and the Community will no longer be able to view any posts or replies on that topic.

Can a topic include only posts from me (or will members always be allowed to post in all topics they have access to)?

Currently, all members can participate in all topics they have access to. You can use the "pin" feature to surface your more important posts at the top of the topic to all of your members.

I don't have any posts yet... Should I worry?

Not at all! Moving forward you'll be able to add new posts and assign a topic to it. This just needs to be done for posts you had published before Sep 28th.

Is there a limit to the number of topics you can create?

There's not a limit to how many topics you can create if you're on a Shaker/Earthquaker plans.

If you're on the Mover plan you'll be limited to 15 topics.

Can you assign more topic categories for a single post?

No, each post can only be assigned to one topic. This is to keep your community organized, and allows you to set access permissions on each topic.

However, you are always free to recreate the post in a different topic if you would like the post to appear in more than one topic!

Can we add topics after the migration period?

Yes! You will be able to add as many topics as you like after Community launches.

Will I be able to delete topics?

Yes, you will be able to delete topics. However, deleting a topic will also delete any posts assigned to that topic. If you don't want this to happen we recommend changing your topic's availability settings and modifying who is able to view it.

Will I be able to rename topics?

Yes, you will be able to edit the name of your topics as well as their description, banner images & availability!

Who will the migration tool be available to after launch? Is this going to be public?

The migration tool will be public and it will be available post-launch via a link.

Have more questions about Communities? Check out our general FAQ

If you have any questions about the migration process don't hesitate to reach out to the support team by starting a live chat or emailing us at

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