Managing your community settings can be done with a few clicks here on Podia. Easy as that!

Managing your community settings means you’ll be able to edit its name, description, marketing images, and many other options!

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How to manage community settings

Step 1: Access the Community tab at the top menu.

Step 2: Click on Settings in the left sidebar to open up your community settings options.

Now you’ll be able to modify whatever settings you might need. Let’s take a look at the options.


Choose who can view and join your community. You can continue to manually invite members no matter the availability of your community.

Click on “Edit” to modify its settings:

Here are the options available:]

Open: Visitors can view and join your community.

Closed: Your community persists for existing members, but is hidden from visitors.


Under details, you’ll be able to edit your community’s name, description, and image.

These details will be used on your site, in your community, and for SEO.


These settings will let you add a banner to your community and also manage its default topic.

Community banner - Add an image to your community homepage. This is what it would look like:

Default topic - A default topic is a topic that all members will automatically follow. Here’s where you can choose what will be your default topic(s).

You can have more than one default topic.


This is where you’ll be able to manage your subscription plans. You can easily edit existing plans or add new ones.

You can check our documentation regarding adding & managing plans for more details.

And that’s how easy it is for you to manage your community settings!

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