Podia’s community feature allows you to follow/unfollow specific topics based on your interests.

Following topics mean you will be able to easily access them from your sidebar as well as receive notifications whenever this topic gets updated.

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How to follow a topic

Step 1: Access the Community tab at the top menu.

Step 2: From the left-hand menu, click on All topics.

Step 3: Now, click on “+ Follow” next to the topic you’d like to follow.

And that’s it! You’re now following this topic. You can follow how many topics you’d like.

Every time you follow a new topic it will appear on your sidebar.

How to unfollow a topic

Unfollowing a topic should be as easy as following it.

Follow the same steps as described above but now click on “Following” next to the topic so you can stop following it:

And that’s it! You’ve just unfollowed the topic you wanted.

Note: topics you don’t follow won’t appear on your sidebar.


Why can’t I see the option to “follow”/”unfollow” next to a specific topic?

That’s probably because you are viewing a default topic.

Default topics are set up by you and members will be forced to follow them. Here’s how to create and manage default topics.

If you have more questions reach out to us at hello@podia.com (or click the icon below to chat with us!).

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