What is a topic?

Great question! Topics are where the creators of the community you are a part of add posts to and, in some cases, you can add your own posts to as well! 💻 Sometimes communities have multiple topics that may have different themes or subject matters. This article will guide you through following additional topics you may be interested in.

Following a new topic

Step 1. When logged into your Community space you’ll see the topics you currently follow on the lefthand side.

Step 2. Select the ‘All topics’ button at the bottom of this list.

Step 3. From here you will be brought to a page listing all of the available topics for you to follow. Any marked with a black ‘+ Follow’ button are those you can start following! All others are ones you already have access to.

Note: You may see here that some topics are labeled ‘Private.’ This means that either you as a community member or the subscription plan you are a part of have exclusive access to that topic!

Step 4.

Selecting the ‘+ Follow’ button for any topic you’d like to be added as a follower of.

Step 5. Success! You’ll be added to the followers of that topic and you will now have access to the posts within it. These posts will be available in the topic itself that you can select from your ‘Topics’ list and your Home feed.

We hope you enjoy the new topic! 🎉

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Podia Support Team at hello@podia.com or by using the purple widget in the lower righthand corner of your screen 💜

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