If you have a customer that has accidentally created an extra account with your site, we have an easy way to rectify this! ✨

First off, we recommend keeping the account active that is apart of a community plan or payment plan. There isn't a way to manually add someone back into a paid plan on your end, or resume where they left off in their payment plan, so double checking this will prevent heartache!

If neither of their accounts have these, then just pick based off of what email account the customer wants to keep!

Example: I signed up for store.podia.com with hayley@gmail.com and hayley@podia.com. I have purchased one product under hayley@gmail.com and another and a community plan under hayley@podia.com, but just want to use hayley@podia.com.

Step 1: Manually invite them to any products they bought under the 'old' email account to the new email account.

In this case, I will remove hayley@gmail.com's product access, and manually invite hayley@podia.com to that product instead. So now, hayley@podia.com has access to those two products and the plan they bought.

Step 2: Once all products have been added to the account the customer wants to keep, you can delete the old one if you like!

Before deleting

The invoices for those one-time purchases associated with the deleted account will stay in your Sales records. However, the creator's personal information will be scrambled. If you need that for tax reasons, we recommend keeping the old account intact after you finish this process.

If your customer wants a copy of all of their invoices as well, we recommend telling them to login to the account you are going to delete and downloading those off.

Note: If the email they don't want to use is associated with a community or payment plan account, don't worry. You can change the email on that account by editing the customer once you delete the one that was already using it.

Questions? Click the purple chat icon at the bottom right, or shoot us an email at hello@podia.com 😃

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