Looking to move your products to Podia? We got you covered!

Podia offers free migrations once you upgrade to an annual plan

Movers can choose 1 product for us to migrate.

Shakers can have up to 5 products migrated by our team.

Earthquakers can have up to 10 products fully migrated to Podia. 😃

*At this time, we are unable to migrate tests/quizzes, pipelines, site pages, and email content.

Once you complete your annual upgrade, simply fill out the form here with all of the requested information and someone from our support team will be in touch ASAP!

Migrations are a manual process for our support team where we sign into your current site to download your files and upload them to Podia, recreating your products on our platform. Due to this, once we start working on your migration, we would not be able to refund any portion of the annual plan amount and we cannot make exceptions to the annual plan requirement.

The more information you can share with us in the initial request form, the quicker we can jump into moving your products, so be sure to include any additional logins that we may need to access your content! 😃

If we're unable to download your files from your current platform or access them another way in a reasonable and timely manner, we may need to upload small placeholder files for each lesson which can be replaced using the steps here once the migration is completed.

If your files are hosted on another platform outside of the course provider (i.e. Vimeo, CloudFlare) we will need a folder per product and sub-folders per section in order to download those files. If they are un-organized, we will reach out asking for that before we proceed.

The estimated turnaround time for us to move your content to Podia is 2 weeks from when we receive your request form, annual upgrade, and signed migration agreement; we're unable to begin the process until we have all of the requested information. We work on migrations in the order we receive them, so the estimated time can vary depending on the holidays or how many we currently have in the queue for our team when we receive your request.

Because each site builder is unique, our team is unable to migrate or copy sales or site pages or customize your site design as part of the migration.

Please note: We are unable to move products from one Podia account to another at this time; that is also a manual process for our support team to transfer those and will be treated as a migration request with the same requirements.

Any questions? Please reach out to our incredible support team and we'll be happy to help 😃

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