Need to collect your customer's address for tax reporting or other purposes? No worries- it's super easy within Podia!

In this article, we'll go over how to collect customer addresses as well as how to view them once they've been collected!

In this article:

Collecting Customer Addresses

Step 1: Click on your avatar at the top right and access your site Settings.

Step2: In order to collect your customer's addresses you will need to enable the option “Collect customer addresses for tax reporting”.

This can be done by accessing the Payments tab and enabling this option.

By toggling this option on, you will create a mandatory field during checkout that prompts your customers to enter their address information.

Your customers will need to enter data into this field in order to move forward with their product purchases.

Viewing Customer Addresses

To view the addresses you've collected from your customers, you will need to download a Sales Export from your Sales page.

On this export, column I is titled "Address" and contains the information your customer has entered upon account creation. 🎉


Can I customize the address field?

The address field cannot be customized at this time but we hope to make it a possibility in the future! 💜

We will ask customers to provide their country, City, Postal Code, and Address lines.

What if my customer's address is wrong? Can I edit it?

You won't be able to edit addresses from Podia at this time. You can download your sales export and edit it directly on the .csv file.

If you have questions or need any help at all, we encourage you to email us at or click on the icon below to chat!

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