Although your products, community and even site are set up on Podia, you may want to use an external email service provider (ESP) to reach out to your customers.

At this time we support the following ESP integrations:

Once you’ve linked to your ESP on the Integrations page, you’ll need to follow a few more steps to make sure everything’s set up correctly.

You’ll be able to send the emails collected from your products, community and newsletter sign up.

In this article:


Go to Products tab > Edit > Details (you’ll need to do this for each product you want to include)

Scroll down until you see the Integrations box!

Select the list or tag you’d like to add the emails from this list to.

Community Plans

Go to Community > Settings > Scroll down to your plans section > Edit (you’ll need to do this for each plan you want to include)

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to select the tag or list you’d like contacts to be sent to.

Newsletter page section

Go to your Site Editor and find the newsletter box sign up. Click on it to open the sidebar.

You’ll then want to choose from the dropdown which lists these subscribers should go to.

You can always change the lists or tags at any time you wish! For any questions or help getting this set up please reach out to

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