Sometimes you might be wondering why some of your customers are not receiving your emails, and this might be related to their subscription status.

The customer subscription status is an indicator as to whether or not your contacts are subscribed to receive marketing emails.

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Checking a customer email subscription status

You can easily check a customer email subscription status from your Podia dashboard.

Step 1: Access the Audience tab in the top navigation menu. You can now see all of your customers.

Step 2: Search for the customer you'd like to check and click on its name to access their profile.

Step 3: You should be able to view the subscription status right next to their name.

And that's how you can find if a specific customer is subscribed to marketing emails or not. Now, let's take a look at what the subscriber status means.


Subscribers are contacts that will receive your marketing emails.

Marketing emails would include emails you send via broadcast and email campaigns.

Not Subscriber

Not subscribers are contacts that WON'T receive marketing emails. They will still receive transactional emails, such as purchase confirmations, email notifications, etc.

People that are not subscribers might have opted out to receive emails from you or might not have subscribed to receive marketing emails from your brand at all.


Can non-subscribed customers re-subscribe to my account?

Yes! They can easily subscribe/unsubscribe from emails by adjusting their email subscription preferences.

Can I manually re-subscribe a customer?

No. Per CAN-SPAM and GDPR international regulations, customers would be the only ones responsible for managing their subscription preferences.

You won't be able to manually subscribe a customer if they have explicitly opted out of email. However, you can still instruct them on how to re-subscribe to emails from the platform.

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