If you find that Podia is no longer a fit for your needs and need to cancel your account but you're wondering what all that process entails, this article will go over all of the actions that take place when your account is cancelled.

When you cancel your account, you can either choose to close at the end of your billing period or you can close the account immediately.

Note: If you choose to close at the end of your billing period, your account will remain in place with no changes until then. If you choose to close immediately, all account closure details below will immediately apply.

When your account is fully closed, the following occurs:

  • All existing recurring subscriptions and payment plans are canceled.

    At the time your account closes, any monthly or annual subscription plans, or payment plans for products, will cancel all future payments.

  • You are no longer able to access your creator dashboard.
    We recommend exporting any lists or files prior to canceling.

  • Your Podia site will be unpublished.
    Your site will go offline at the time of your closure. This also means that your students won't be able to access the content they purchased. It is likely a good idea to move your content elsewhere and share access information with your students prior to fully closing your Podia account.

    If after you close your account, you realize you'd like to come back, I have good news for you! We keep your content in place for 30 days after your cancelation. 🎉

This means that if at any point within 30 days of closing your account, you can sign back in, choose a plan, and pick up where you left off! Your courses, files, and audience list will be right where you left them. 🤗

If you still have questions about how to cancel or your account (or need help) you can email us at hello@podia.com or click the icon below to chat.

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