Archiving and unarchiving coupons can be used whenever you need to manage its availability settings.

For example, if you want a coupon to not be used anymore or if you made a mistake when setting up a coupon, you can archive it and it will become unavailable.

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Archiving a coupon

Archiving a coupon will automatically prevent it from being used again.

Step 1: Start off by navigating to the coupons tab by using the top menu navigation.

Step 2: To archive or deactivate a coupon, simply click on the Archive icon next to the coupon name.

Unarchiving a coupon

Step 1: From the coupons tab, filter for your archived coupons.

Step 2: Click on Unarchive next to the coupon code you'd like to unarchive.

And that's it! ✨

📝 Note: You can only have one unique coupon code per active coupon type listed above.

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