If you have a long list of coupons and would like to export them for tracking purposes or using the coupons with a third party service, no worries! We got you covered!

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Exporting your coupon codes

Step 1: Start off by navigating to the coupons tab by using the top menu navigation.

Step 2: From the coupons tab, click on Export (shown below).

This will export all your coupons in a CSV format.

The following fields are available in the coupon exported CSV file:

  1. Coupon code: The code used to apply this coupon on the site

  2. Selected Products: Comma separated list of products selected (only applicable for Selected products coupon type)

  3. Selected Plans: Comma separated list of plans selected (only applicable for Selected plans coupon type)

  4. Discount Type: Whether coupon amount was set in Amount Value or Amount Percentage

  5. Amount Value: The amount value of the coupon (if discount type is Amount Value)

  6. Amount Percentage: The amount percentage of the coupon (if discount type is Amount Percentage)

  7. Status: Whether the coupon is active or archived.

  8. Usage Limit: Number of usage limitation set on the coupon, if applicable.

  9. Coupon Type: The type of coupon used, which would be one of Storewide, Products Only, Plans Only, Selected Products and Selected Plans.

  10. Usages: Number of times the coupon has been used by customers for both products and subscriptions.

  11. Created Date (UTC): Date the coupon was created in UTC.

  12. Archived Date (UTC): Date the coupon was archived in UTC, if applicable.

  13. Expiry Date (UTC): Date the coupon will expire (if active) or was expired (if archived) in UTC, if applicable.

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