Once a coupon code has been created, it's time for you to share the word with your customers so they know how to redeem this discount ✨

Customers can basically redeem the discount in 2 different ways: by using the coupon during checkout or by clicking on a discount link.

Let's take a look at each situation!

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Applying a coupon code during checkout

Coupon codes can be applied during the checkout process by entering the coupon code directly in the DISCOUNT CODE field and then clicking APPLY.

Once the coupon code has been applied, the discounted price will be reflected on checkout, as shown below:

📝 Only one coupon code can be applied at checkout. To get that all setup, simply share the coupon code name with your customers, so they can type in during checkout.

Note: Only one coupon code can be applied at checkout.

Note 2: Can't see the field during checkout? Make sure your coupon code was created to apply to a specific product/plan.

Applying a coupon code via a discount link

Once you have created your coupons, you can easily share the coupon sharable URL with your audience and customers through emails, posts, or any other medium.

This will create a discount link that will apply the coupon automatically as soon as your customers click on the link.

To get the coupon shareable URL, simply click on Copy link next to the coupon:

Note: You can easily share this link with our audience. If this coupon applies to only a specific product or subscription plan, the sharable URL will direct your customers to the page for the product or plan with the discount automatically applied to it.

If, however, the coupon is set to apply to all of your products/subscriptions, the URL will direct the customer to your homepage with the discounted plans and products, displaying both the original and the discounted amounts.


I can't see a "Have a coupon?" field during checkout! HELP!

Double check if the coupon you have created is selected to apply to this specific product/plan.

If it is set to sitewide/storewide, we would recommend creating a new one and having it apply just to this specific product/plan.

My coupon code link is not directing customers to the product sales page. Why?

If the coupon has multiple products and/or plans associated with it, the URL will direct the customer to the site page with the discounted plans and products.

You can manually add the coupon code at the end of your product sales page, though! Here's how:

Standard product page link:

Site link with coupon applied:

From there, just paste the ?coupon=COUPON-CODE part at the end of your product page link:

And that's it! If you have any questions about coupons, discounts or anything at all, send us an email at hello@podia.com or click the purple icon below to chat. 😄

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