Podia lets you build free and paid communities for your audience, so that you can spark conversation around your work as a creator.

Each Podia account comes with 1 (one) community, with unlimited subscription plans. With that said, hosting multiple communities is NOT supported at this time.

If you want to build multiple communities on Podia, here's something you could try.

Your whole community area will act as the umbrella for multiple subscription plans underneath it. These plans can act as tiers of your community/membership (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) or you can set things up so that each plan is more of its “own community!”

This would just be a matter of changing the name of your Community area to something that can cover all of your plans and then creating each plan for the specific niche!

You can also go ahead and manage your topic access options so only members from a particular plan can view/have access to the content from a particular plan.

Besides that, you can also hide the plans from one another and create their own separate sales pages using Custom Pages for their unique subscriptions!

All you would need to do is pull the direct subscription URL for each plan to use on those Custom Pages and voila!

You'd be able to simulate multiple communities under your account here on Podia! 🎉

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