Adding video to your courses is a great way to engage and capture your audience's attention. If you aren't using an external provider like Vimeo or Youtube to host your video files, you can upload your videos directly into your courses here instead.

Adding the videos into your courses is easy! You can simply drag and drop the file directly from your computer into the course like this:

Or, if you'd prefer to browse your computer to grab the video file, you will click on +new lesson, then "add files".

After you upload the file, you can click on the file name to rename and build the rest of the lesson! On that page, you will be able to add a custom thumbnail, upload a captions file, and enter additional text, images, or downloadable files into the content of the lesson.

Just a note: While there is no limit as to how many videos you add into your products. Files up to 5 GB in size are accepted, but we do recommend keeping individual videos under 1 GB for faster uploading/processing.

You can reduce file size without compromising its quality by using a compression tool like Handbrake.

The following specs will give you the best quality-size ratio when it comes to e-learning and online courses.

mp4 file

h.264 codec

5,000โ€“8,000 kbps target bitrate

Individual file size around 1GB (for faster upload/processing)

Video resolution: 1280x720 (HD) or 1920x1080 (FULL HD)

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