If you find yourself looking to change the Stripe account connected to Podia, but you aren't sure of all of the ramifications of that, you've come to the right place!

We would never want you to feel blindsided so we've put together this comprehensive list of what happens if you ever need to change your Stripe account.

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Implications of changing your Stripe account

Changing your Stripe account will have a direct implication on all of your recurring and pending payments, e.g. subscription plans and payment plans/installments.

All of your recurring/payment plans are associated with the unique Stripe account you connect to Podia. Once this account is disconnected, we are unable to communicate with this account to effectively charge/manage them.

If you don't have any active subscriptions and/or pending payments you should be safe to connect a new Stripe account.

If you have active subscriptions/pending payment plans, here would be the implications:

Active subscription plans:

  • Subscriptions plans wouldn't be canceled and they'd still be charged through your old Stripe account

  • Members WILL NOT be able to interact with their plans anymore, such as canceling their plans and/or changing to a different community plan

Payment plans:

  • Payment plans aren’t canceled immediately, but we’re unable to charge payment plans. If you do not connect your old Stripe account in time, these payment plans will eventually fail multiple times and be canceled.


Can subscriptions be transferred over to a new Stripe account?

Subscriptions created through the Podia platform cannot be transferred to a new Stripe account at this time.

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