Wonder why your customer might have gained access to a product even though their payment is showing as "Incomplete" in Stripe? 🔍

The answer is: Your customer might have paid with PayPal 💰

Let us explain how it works!

When people go through Checkout, Stripe's new API forces us to create what is called a "payment intent", whether this person bought from Stripe or, in this case, PayPal.

So, if they don't actually end up using Stripe, they'll be marked with the "Incomplete" label in Stripe, but the payment would actually be processed via PayPal.

So, if you are seeing any purchases shown as "Incomplete" in Stripe but the customer has gained access to the product, they probably checked out using PayPal. Stripe's API simply shows all PayPal/incomplete orders as "payment intent".

A good idea here is to check the customer's invoice through Podia and see what the customer used to pay for your product:

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