Wanna take your Podia experience to the next level and connect external platforms with Podia? Zapier might be the answer!

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Zapier lets you connect apps you use every day with Podia and automate workflows. With over 750+ apps in their App Directory, chances are you’ll be able to connect just about anything you use with Podia.

What are some examples?

  • Get an SMS whenever you land a sale

  • Store new signups in Trello or Google Sheets

  • Tweet out in joy when a new sale hits

  • Send a customer to your favorite email marketing app like Drip, MailChimp and others

Is Zapier available with all Podia Plans?

Zapier triggers are available on all of our paid plans. This means you can send a trigger FROM Podia to any Zapier-supported platform.

Zapier actions are available on the Shaker/Earthquaker plans. This means that only Shakers/Earthquakers will be able to perform actions on Podia (such as enrolling customers in products) if they’re on one of these plans.

Connecting Podia and Zapier accounts

To set up an automated workflow with Zapier, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to Zapier

Step 2: Click "MAKE A ZAP!"

Step 3: Choose a Trigger App

Search for "Podia" under "Search hundreds of apps..." and click Continue.

Step 4: Select a Trigger

Step 5: Select a Podia Account

After logging into your Podia account, you'll see:

Step 6: Test Connection

Step 7: Test that you have an existing sale

Step 8: Choose an Action App

Step 9: Select Action

Step 10: Connect a New Account

Step 11: Set up

Here you'll configure your Zap. Here I've selected to send new sales made on Podia to my "Spencer Fry Newsletter" email list.

Step 12: Test the Zap

Step 13: Ready to turn on your Zap?

Step 14: See it on your Home screen

That's it!

BONUS: How do I send purchasers to different lists?

Introduce a filter step that restricts the sale events which are passed to Mailchimp (or your email service provider of choice).

Here's a GIF that explains it:

Here are some Zapier-related help docs that other creators have found helpful:

You can also feel free to reach out directly to Zapier support with any questions 👍

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