What's Zapier and how do I use it?

Zapier lets you connect apps you use everyday with Podia and automate workflows. With over 750+ apps in their App Directory, chances are you’ll be able to connect just about anything you use with Podia.

What are some examples?

  • Get an SMS whenever you land a sale

  • Store new signups in Trello or Google Sheets

  • Tweet out in joy when a new sale hits

  • Send a customer to your favorite email marketing app like Drip, MailChimp and others

Ready to get started?

To set up an automated workflow with Zapier, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to Zapier

Step 2: Click "MAKE A ZAP!"

Step 3: Choose a Trigger App

Search for "Podia" under "Search hundreds of apps..." and click Continue.

Step 4: Select a Trigger

Step 5: Select a Podia Account

After logging into your Podia account, you'll see:

Step 6: Test Connection

Step 7: Test that you have an existing sale

Step 8: Choose an Action App

Step 9: Select Action

Step 10: Connect a New Account

Step 11: Set up

Here you'll configure your Zap. Here I've selected to send new sales made on Podia to my "Spencer Fry Newsletter" email list.

Step 12: Test the Zap

Step 13: Ready to turn on your Zap?

Step 14: See it on your Home screen

That's it!

BONUS: How do I send purchasers to different lists?

Introduce a filter step that restricts the sale events which are passed to Mailchimp (or your email service provider of choice).

Here's a GIF that explains it:

Here are some Zapier-related help docs that other creators have found helpful:

You can also feel free to reach out directly to Zapier support with any questions 👍

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