Delaying sections can be used to set a delivery schedule for the content within your online course. This means your customers can only access certain parts of your course until it's unlocked.

As your customers progress through the online course, content gets delivered to them, and eventually, they’ll have access to the full online course.

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Before you start: one caveat on delayed course content ⚠️

Note that the sequence set up when customers purchase will be the one they're locked into.

If you make any changes or modifications to the delayed sections, this will only impact FUTURE enrollees.

Customers will be able to preview the title of all of the content within the upcoming section, and keep track of the delivery schedule via the unlock date next to it.

This is a great way for your customers to focus on one course module at a time, while still planning for what’s to come.

Setting up delayed course sections

Step 1: Add or edit a section on your online course.

Delayed content is only available for course sections, so make sure your online course already has sections added and, if it doesn't, add one to get started!

Step 2: After adding your section, click directly on its name to access the delay section option:

Step 3: Now, simply set up how many days you want your sections to be delayed.

Day 0 would always be the day your customers purchase a course or your start date. Here’s an infographic that will help you understand this:

Step 4: You do also get the option to send an email notification to customers when the section is available.

Feel free to modify the email your customers will receive or use the automatically generated template!

At the bottom of the email, we’ll include a link directly to the current online course section, but if you’d like to copy and paste the link into the body of your email, you can do that too (click on “Copy section link” in the bottom right corner).

Step 5: When you're done, just hit Save!

How can I delay a section on a specific date?

In addition to having section delay properly set up before customers purchase, make sure you have a start date in place as well.

That will kickstart the first section to open on the set start date 🎉

If you have more questions about how to drip your online course, just reach out to us at (or just click the little blue icon at the bottom right of the screen 😄

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