We don't have a specific feature for doing this, but you can do it and here's how:

  1. Create an Online Course that you want to pre-sell before the launch date
  2. Publish it, but don't add any content to it
  3. Create a second Online Course and add all of the content to it, but don't publish it

Now you'll have two online courses: one you're accepting payment for and a second online course housing all of the content.

When you're ready to open up the content to all of the customers who have purchased from you, send us an email or message us on live chat and we can merge the two online courses into one and your customers will now have access.

They won't even know what happened. 😄

Don't worry about doing this as we do it all the time for people. It's definitely a feature we want to build into Podia, but for now, this works for lots of our customers.

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